This is “Your Perspective / Our Perspective”, the 2021 Online Degree Show for Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts (LICA). Here you will find work by graduating students from undergraduate courses in Design, Film, Fine Art and Theatre at Lancaster University.


Co-chair Statement Catalogue

We would like to thank all students for working with us to help create our wonderful online degree show. Despite the challenges faced working in difficult and challenging conditions, the standard of artwork created is in our opinion second to none. We would also like to thank Pip and Nathan for their dedication to making our degree show happen as smoothly as possible, helped especially by Pips lists!
We would also like to thank Mark Simmonds, and Ralph Mackenzie, for listening to our jumble of ideas and making our vision come to life in an exciting and creative way.
We would finally like to thank you, our audience of art lovers, family and friends, for supporting our students through visiting our degree show site. We hope you enjoy exploring it as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.

We will remember this year not for what could have been, but for the brilliance that we all created.

Laura Munro, Keilly Whittaker and Ella O’Connell
Co-Chairs, 2021 Degree Show Committee


Head of Department’s Introduction
In Art, ‘perspective’ perhaps makes us think most of the technique of composing an image to make it appear to have realistic depth. The technique came from a conjunction of science and art at a particular moment in history. Its mathematics computes what we already know: that perspective depends on distance and location. There is no perfect perspective; each person has their own perspective.
The peculiarities of distance in these covid times have made this even more evident for the students graduating this year. An online class could have within it students who have a perspective of the world through a window, others who see nothing outside their room (perhaps because it is already dark on their side of the world) and yet others who actually are outside. These have been challenging times, and I congratulate the students for the work they have created. Their adaptation to circumstances and their tenacity have been amazing. I am confident that within this year’s show you will find work to delight, intrigue, mystify and challenge you. You are a participant here also. You have a perspective to bring and through which you will see this work. You will be taken to other locations and made to see from different distances. Your perspective will be altered by a glimpse of our perspective.

Alan Marsden
Director, Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University